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Daily Art Prompts

Join us for 31 days of daily creative prompts! Daily creative prompts will include some photography, some Photoshop and some art. We will be sharing our creative process as we work. Each day will be a new prompt and everyone is welcome to discuss, share and do your own work inspired by the prompt. There are no rules or due dates, no right or wrong. We will be pushing boundaries and asking "what if" and seeing where things take us.
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Online photography courses

Learn To Take Photos is an online photography school taught by well known horse photographers Christina Handley and Laura Cotterman. You will learn photography, get to know new people and share ideas in a fun, encouraging and supportive environment. Our photography courses are designed for adult learners and are self-directed, creative and motivating. You will have one-to-one access to an expert photographer and can get all the help you need to succeed with your photography.

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Our courses are easy to commit to. We use a short course format that keeps our courses affordable and flexible so you can work them into your schedule. Everything is online and accessible 24/7. More information on our photography courses

Classes starting every two weeks!

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Free Stuff for Our Students

Here are two great benefits we provide to our students.

Weekly Photo Challenges
We offer weekly photo challenges for our students. These are friendly competitions with a theme designed to get you out and shooting and having a good time with your photography. Challenges are decided by People's Choice voting with ribbons for three places.

Discussion Forum
Our forum is open to all past, present or future students to share photos, talk about photography, cameras and whatever else. It is only for Learn To Take Photos students which means everyone there is for real. You can share your work and your ideas as freely as you like in a safe community with friends.
Learn To Take Photos is an online school where you can learn photography, get to know new people and share ideas in a fun, encouraging and supportive environment. Our online photography courses are creative and motivating.