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Art Photography Daily Art Photography Daily
30 days of photography exercises to jump start your creativity. "Photo Sparks" are the best of the best of our Photo Prompts that we've offered over the past 2 years. This course is designed to boost your knowledge and creativity in the shortest amount of time and produce stunning results. Share, laugh, learn, grow and be inspired. Learn more and sign up now!
The Essence of Equus The Essence of Equus
Fine art photography class The Essence of Equus is more than a photography class. It will reach inside your soul and grasp your vision and put it to paper. You will have 3 professional equine photographers which are at the top of the fine art world at your side as you make your way on your own personal journey. This class will focus on the artistic and not the technical. Any camera will do, any camera! Taught in a collaborative effort, this class runs for 8 weeks and has 4 Lessons and assignments Learn more and sign up now!
How-to Make WOW Factor Images How-to Make WOW Factor Images
learn how to make stunning images with that special something that makes people say "WOW!" at first glance. No one does this better than Phyllis Burchett. Her work is very successful and she has a fresh way of approaching photography that is fun and rewarding. You will learn what it takes and how to create images that jump up and demand to be noticed. Learn more and sign up now!
Digital Photography 101 Digital Photography 101
Learn what all those controls, dials and settings on your DSLR camera are for. This course explains f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO and lots more. We'll explain how to get sharp, well exposed photos in a variety of conditions. This course covers all the basics for getting off Auto modes and understanding how to take more creative photographs with your DSLR camera. Learn more and sign up now!
DSLR 201- Advanced DSLR Techniques DSLR 201- Advanced DSLR Techniques
In this class we will dig into advanced camera settings and controls with an emphasis on using them creatively. We will cover creative uses of aperture and shutter speed as well as many of the supporting functions of your DSLR camera. Not only will we discuss the settings but how they are used practically while shooting to make great photos. This course is a stimulating blend of how-to technical information and the creative application of that information. If you want to master your camera then this class is for you. Learn more and sign up now!
Understanding Manual Exposure Understanding Manual Exposure
Shooting in Manual gives you complete control over your exposure. In this exposure mode you, not the camera, are determining the exposure. In manual mode, you are the boss. This is a wonderful skill to have when you want to handle exposure very precisely. You'll learn which aperture and shutter speed settings to choose and to understand the results of your choices. Shooting in manual for awhile will help you understand exposure and make you a better photographer. Learn more and sign up now!
Gallery Shows for Fine Art Gallery Shows for Fine Art
New fine art photography class Do you have the driving fire to go further in Fine Art Photography and pursue gallery and private showings? Do you want to work on developing your portfolio, printing and displaying your work and having showings of your work? Join Rachael Waller for four weeks of focused discussion and mentoring. Learn more and sign up now!
Background Replacements in Photoshop Background Replacements in Photoshop
Ever wish you could just click a button with Photoshop and have that unsightly background removed and a beautiful perfect background just dropped in? Well, this course is for you! This course will teach you a variety of techniques to remove and replace the backgrounds of photos and to blend the 2 layers together. The course covers what you need to know about layers, masks, clipping masks, adjustment layers and much more. . Learn more and sign up now!
Digital Multiple Exposures Digital Multiple Exposures
New digital art photography class Multiple exposures have a huge wow factor! They are lots of fun and super creative with digital photography. Digital gives you total control of the process and real insight into making beautiful photographs. You don't need to be a master photographer to have fantastic results. No special equipment required. Learn more and sign up now!