Learn to take great photos


One full month with 2 Lessons and 2 assignments

Learn what all those controls, dials and settings on your camera are for. This course explains f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO and lots more. We'll explain how to get sharp, well exposed photos in a variety of conditions. This course covers all the basics for getting off Auto modes and understanding how to take more creative photographs with your DSLR camera. Suitable for beginners or anyone else that wants to learn more about camera controls and techniques.


  • Lens Selection - wide angle, telephoto, zoom lens, prime lens, lens speed
  • How exposure works -ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed
  • Aperture Priority - depth of field, creative uses
  • RAW vs. Jpeg - which setting to use and when
  • White balance - color temperature, color cast
  • One shot/Single auto focus mode
  • Metering modes - Spot, Center weighted, Matrix, Evaluative


  • Shutter Priority - freezing action, panning, showing movement
  • Servo/Continuous auto focus mode
  • How to use motor drive effectively
  • Manual mode - complete control
  • Exposure Compensation - when to use it


  • This course is for DSLR users.
  • You may not use previously shot work for this course


  • You will receive the first lesson on the course start date.
  • This short course includes two comprehensive lessons in PDF format with detailed instructions and two assignments. You will have two weeks including two weekends to work on each assignment.
  • After completing each assignment you will upload your photos to the website.
  • Your instructor reviews your photos and offers constructive comments.
  • You can ask questions and discuss ideas with your teachers and classmates.

Everyone starts somewhere and nowhere is that more true than photography. There are wonderful cameras that can do so many magical things that it is very easy to charge up the battery, put the camera on Auto and become a happy snapper. A happy snapper that is until the euphoria wears off and you want to make better photos and have creative control of your camera. At that point you need to learn how things work so you can control them to make photos that match your vision.

The good news is that the technical aspect of using your digital camera is something that anyone can easily learn. We know that it will seem totally baffling at first but the great news is that everyone started out knowing zero and look at all the excellent photographers in the world. Cameras aren't as hard to operate as most TVs, receivers and DVD players these days. You can get off of Auto and Program mode!

The best place to begin is with the basics. In this lesson we are going to talk a little bit about cameras and lenses and their capabilities. From there we will move on to the trio of exposure: aperture, shutter speed and ISO and learn how to control them. Next, we will discuss how to focus your camera including focus modes and how to use them. And last we will talk a bit about image quality and capture settings.

By the end of this course you will have more than a passing acquaintance with all the main controls of your digital camera.

Course Overview
Price: $89
Includes 2 lessons & 2 assignments
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