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Lead by: Christina Handley
30 days of daily photography exercises to jump start your creativity.

This course is designed to boost your knowledge and creativity in the shortest amount of time and produce stunning results.

The course includes motivation, collaboration and creative exercises; all designed to get you the images that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.


The lessons are done in a group setting which makes them fun, motivating, challenging AND it keeps the cost of the program affordable compared to traveling to workshops and conferences. Not only that but you will be creating your own original work.

If you've already taken one of our Daily Prompt sessions don't let that hold you back from joining in again. Part of what makes these so enjoyable and motivating is the sharing of photos and ideas with other like minded photographers.

You will see how each of us can read the same exercise and come up with an entirely unique concept. It's amazing how each of us "sees" the same thing through different eyes. I (Christina Handley) am now in my SIXTH year of taking a photo-a-day. This is a personal challenge for me and I am still going strong. So, of course I find myself shooting the same things over and over again but I find new ways to do it. Maybe I use a different lens, angle, aperture, time of day etc etc. My point is ... don't think because you've done something once, you can't do it again. The more I do the same thing or something similar the better I get at it and the better my photos get.

Each day will be a new lesson and everyone is welcome to discuss and share their work.

See what our students are saying The response has been overwhelming! Here are just some of the positive comments from our students. .

What is a "Photo Prompt"? Think of a prompt as an exercise based on an in-depth tip. These are much more than a one word theme or idea. They have meat! Here is an example of a photography prompt. click here.

Share, laugh, learn, grow and be inspired. It might not all hit you at once but it will catch up with you eventually and whisper in your ear "psst, hey, remember that photo...". That's the way creativity and art really work. Lots of practice, lots of development and refinements.

Remember, this is not a formal class. There are no assignments or critiques. All purchases are final. There are no refunds.

There is only 1 requirement. You are required to be kind and constructive. Beyond that, there are no requirements.

You can try any or all or none of the prompts. You can join in the conversation as much or little as you like. Participation is optional. Auditors are welcome.

I shoot with a DSLR camera mainly and my prompts will be mostly using them. I might break out my point and shoot one day but mostly it will be my DSLR.


  • On the start date I will post the first prompt. Come to the website and join in the fun.
  • There are no assignments or critiques.
  • You can participate as much or little as you like. There are no due dates.
  • I will provide guidelines for participation to keep things flowing smoothly.

Why I do my photo a day project
A message from Christina

Since January 1, 2011 I have been taking a photo a day. It's been a personal challenge for me that I began as a way to "get back in the groove". Let me explain that statement. I have been doing event photography since 1997, stock photography since 2002 and teaching photography since 2007. The year of 2010 was pretty much a write off for me as far as producing new work because I spent the year battling cancer. So on January 1, 2011 without any pre-planning or thought, I decided to shoot a photo-a-day for the entire year because I love photography and I missed it! When 2011 was done I kept going into 2012 because I was producing some of the best work I have ever produced and I was enjoying myself. And now here I am in year 2016! I do try to take a "good" photo every day instead of just snapping something at random. Now I'm not saying they are all award winners, lol, but there are definitely some great ones and my skill and portfolio has continued to grow. That is something else I love about photography, there is always something to learn if you want to.
Course Overview
Price: $89
30 days of daily creative photography exercises

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Leader: Christina Handley
Christina Handley
I have been a full time professional freelance photographer for over 20 years. For the past six years I have done a Photo-A-Day project. People have responded very positively to my photo a day postings on Facebook. I have built my portfolio and honed my creativity and skills more than I ever imagined.

Every day I've had to come with a fresh idea and some days are easier than others. Join me on my daily journey and see what I am doing to get these my photos. Everyone feels more inspired to go, shoot, play, and forget rules and just have fun when you have people doing it with you and checking in with you.

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