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Learn how to take photos of people, pets and still life with a simple window light setup. Some of the prettiest light is window light. It is a very simple shot once you understand how to set it up. These photos are great to work on and relieve cabin fever while we wait for spring to come.


  • Which windows work best
  • Basic lighting patterns
  • How to meter and expose for window light
  • How to use a reflector to fill in shadows
  • Tips for posing people
  • Creative use of shadow
  • Adding a soft focus effect to your images
  • Styling tips for still life
  • When and how to use a diffuser


  • You must have a basic understanding of your camera.
  • You will need a tripod.
  • You'll need a few simple accessories like a piece of white foam board and a white bed sheet if you don't have a reflector.
  • You may not use previously shot work for this course


  • You will receive a reminder email on the course start date when your lesson is ready.
  • This course includes one written lesson in PDF format consisting of our best photography tips, detailed instructions and a photo assignment.
  • You will have two weeks including two weekends to work on your assignment.
  • You can ask questions, post work in progress, ask for help or chat with your classmates or instructors as you work on your assignment. We are here to help and a lively discussion makes the class a richer experience for everyone.
  • After shooting the assignment you will upload your photos to the website by the due date and we will critique your photos and give you helpful advice and tips.
  • The class is open for two weeks after the final assignment and we can answer any follow up questions you have after the critiques.

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